Exploring food prep ways and whys proved challenging during the past six months, however a theory emerged. There seems to be four ways to prepare plant based foods: raw, juiced, blended, and cooked.

Raw foods are not heated over 115 degrees, are often shaped into familiar foods like cheese, meats,  pies, and cookies. Raw foods (other than salads or fresh from the garden) are prepared in processors, blenders, and dehydrators;  the latter can take up to twenty four hours prep time.  Dried fruits and veggies make a great snack when eating fresh off the vine is not practical. Chewing and digestion is harder than juicing or blending. My favorite raw preparation is trail mixes, otherwise, I have an Excalibur sitting idle.

Maybe I will use my Excalibur during the winter months when keeping my house cool is not such an issue.  Otherwise, as I mentioned in earlier posts, eating look-alike and taste-alike cheeses and meats is not appealing to me.

Juicing requires fresh everything and when buying in large quantities and freezing what cannot be used, juicing is not possible.  It takes a special masticating juicer to get kale to give up her juice; I had a Breville but hated loosing the benefits of seeded fruit; the seeds in strawberries time-releases sugar preventing a blood sugar spike. However, I am convinced juicing is the best, purest, and fastest way to get nutrients to the body and the digestive system loves juice! Light, no bloating, easy in and easy out!  Best ever for illness and ailments.

Blending with a good blender is the easiest way to get fiber and mix liquids into one’s drink. Bloating can be a side effect and taking MAG07 and probiotics was essential for me.

I found cooking is best for veggies like sweet potatoes, whole grains, and legumes but in general, cooking reduces nutrients and cooked foods are harder to digest.

I incorporate  combination of all methods throughout the day:  Juice in order to keep digestion light in the morning, saving energy for all we do (  Blend at lunch.  Eat raw and cook at night and enjoy a juice with dinner.

May our journey make yours a little easier,