Fitness encompasses more than physicality.  Foods, environment, lifestyle, mental, and emotional aspects equally impact daily life.  And working out without peace is like cake without icing.

Pumping iron, running,  swimming, or yoga cannot make a person whole.  The connection to inner quiet is essential.  Like a perfectly iced cake, peace rushes through the blood, floods the nervous system,  and is euphoric. And like good icing, it is fleeting.  So sweat and pant.  Then take time to acknowledge your effort and hard work.  Consider your good fortune and ride the wave as gratitude secrets ecstasy endorphins   Bliss.  No worries.  Carefree. Peace!

Now you are ready for your icing!  Have a green smoothie, salad, fruits,  vegetables, and plenty of water!  You deserve it!

To your health,


Transitioning to Plant Based Diet

Cutting dairy and animal protein, exploring vegan, and experimenting with raw led to frenzy-research, buying, and preparing. Vitamix and Excalibur joined the appliance family overpowering Kitchen Aid mixer and barely nodding to coffee pot.

Twenty-two jars, four bowls, a fifty-five gallon Coleman, and countless green storage bags joined two four feet industrial shelves.

Five new cookbooks, a cookbook holder, Pinterest, and a blog gave me unlimited learning opportunities and hours and hours of study. What did I learn?

Less is best. Simple is underrated. Eating a raw plant based diet eliminates cravings, therefore learning to make nuts into cheeses and fruit into ice cream, and nuts and soy into meat proved unnecessary. We no longer crave meat, want cheese, or need dessert. If I want a nut, I eat a nut and it does not have to taste like anything but a nut. Really!

I appreciate all the wonderful chefs and cooks who pour heart and soul into new ways to make old recipes, but for me, for now, I will keep it simple.

To your health,


Consistency Pays

Weight fluctuation not a problem for me; without any changes to my diet or routine my weight dropped to its low 139.5 after shooting up to 144.5 pounds.   I have learned how important it is to keep routine when traveling and to keep hydrated in order to maintain weight and overall well-being.

Hubby also gained while on weekend vacation, but dropped to an all time low within 48 hours of returning to his routine.  Crazy!  He has lost 28.5 pounds since we started this journey just a few weeks ago and his blood pressure is normal after a very scary period of high blood pressure.

To my new readers, we are using Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox Solution as a guide.  Recipes are the only exceptions I made to her detox guide and I have to give credit to some awesome Vegan Chefs for great healthy and inspiring variety for our menu!  Take a look at my link to Pinterest on the Recipes and More tab to view my favorite chefs’ recipes.

The best lesson we learned is we cannot lose weight by dieting.  Gotta eat to live, not live to eat.

Have a great day,



Fitness is not about weight; we all “know” that, but until we get “there” most of us look at the scale.  I dropped to 139.5 pounds from 159.5 pounds since I launched my attack on mediocrity, which was my state of mind mid January. Then the scales went up the next day to 140.5 I was okay with that.  Then the weekend trip (yes, the same retail therapy trip mentioned in an earlier post), I gained 5 pounds.  I am okay with that.

Has that happened to you?  Experienced and informed dieters know not to panic!  Here is what I did wrong.  No water!  Irregular elimination, well beyond the urge to go.  No exercise.  Two martinis (happy hour-I swear they were alcohol free!)  Two hour driving time.  Otherwise my diet was stable, I took Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie for breakfast, and her Acai Berry Chia Power Protein Smoothie for lunch.

This enforces how important it is for me to stay hydrated and take time to take care of myself.  I knew I was retaining water when I saw my ankles looking swollen.  Today, WATER, WATER, WATER, move, move, move, and workout!  20 laps.  I will weigh in tomorrow!  :)

Stay healthy,


Self Image

The “Self ‘Talk” article posted earlier hit home.  At the age of thirteen my aunt bought me a girdle and from that day on, regardless how much I weighed or how fit I was, I was convinced I needed a girdle, then there was SPANX and I became a religious follower of the SPANX movement (or lack thereof).   I thought I was destined to stuff my body into some constraining fabric the rest of my life.

This week-end I had a chance to do some retail therapy and saw two perfect dresses, a pair of shorts, and a must have blouse.  I picked my size in the first dress and went to the dressing room.  The armholes were huge and the dress hung on me.  I decided I must need a smaller size.  I put the size 12 back on the rack, got the next size down that was in stock, sure the 8 would not fit.  To my surprise, it fit and was even a tad large.

With regained confidence, I grabbed the second dress off the rack and it fit even better!  I was so pleased, I decided to try on a pair of shorts  and a blouse in the same size and they were too big.  I could not understand why one dress fit perfectly and everything else looked big.  Then I re-checked the second dress and it was not an 8 but a 6.  To my total surprise, I exchanged everything for size 6.  However, I was not beaming.  I was confused.

My self image was a size12 (and I have seen many women whose bodies are too die for that are even larger) and I was happy with being a 12; the size does not matter, just the fit.  However, size 12 did not fit, it swallowed me.  That is the point.  I am a size 6 and I thought I was a 12.  I noticed my jeans were a size 10 and  could hardly keep them up and there was no way to keep the hems from dragging, but that did not register with me when grabbing that first dress.

Some of my heavier friends like to say they are a little woman trapped in a big body, I never thought I could say I am a big woman in a small body.  Yes, there is size 0 and truly small women who would think I am overweight or at least be glad they are not like me,  I get that.  The point is, there are size 0 women who think they are a size xxxxx.

Self talk, self image.  That is what it is about.

To your health,